Friday, May 10, 2013


This isn't so much a post on a book or TV show...more just a rant.


I've ranted about this on my Facebook before. I want quiet packages for foods that I don't want to share. That way I can eat a freaking Oreo without children running in and asking for a piece.

Seriously, we have quiet packaging for tampons but not this? Heaven forbid another WOMAN in the BATHROOM know that you're on your period. Grow up. As a girl in college said, "Once a month you bleed from your vag and you need to be adult enough to talk about it."

So take that science and use it somewhere useful. Moms around the world need this! We deserve chocolate that we don't have to share OR have to wait until bedtime to enjoy. We're tired of hiding in bathrooms and closets to get our fix. We're junkies, dammit. I don't care if the Hershey bar says "package provided by Playtex" on it. I'm just tired of the "can opener effect" when it comes to junkfood and my kids.

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